Pioneer in Eyecare Diagnostics & Insights

Peripherex transforms the way care is delivered anywhere, at any time, for everyone.

Leveraging the diagnostic power of the eye to deliver physiologically-based health insights to users and healthcare providers.

Peripherex eye tracking software platform improves access to care and offers actionable insights earlier in the continuum of care compared to routine check-ups.

What We Do

Web-based eye-tracking software, easily accessed in the home and
seamlessly transmitted to the clinician

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Email sent
to patient

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Patient click
through log in

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test per eye

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Results automatically
sent to their clinician

Why We Do It

Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness.


Don’t know they have it


Don’t know if they are getting worse

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Eye-tracking web based software easily accessed in the home and seamlessly transmitted to the clinician.

In-home testing on any personal computer webcam minimizes the challenges associated with cumbersome frequent visits to clinics, for all patients.

Clinicians receive real-time results and actionable data insights seamlessly, allowing for earlier interventions in care, contributing to potential improvements in patient outcomes.

Connected Care Drives Insight


At-home testing offers the clinician more data. No hardware or hardware maintenance required. More data more often leads to better disease management.

About Us

Jeffrey Goldberg MD, PhD

Founder, Chief Medical Advisor

Chair of the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University

Gary Berman

Sr. Advisor, Interim CEO

Former President of Equinox Ophthalmic, CBO of Breathe Technologies and Corp Dev/M&A at Ovation Pharmaceuticals

Yitzi Kempinski

Founder, CTO

Founder & CEO of Umoove and inventor of eyetracking tech

Yaacov Michlin


CEO BioLight, Former ceo/president brainsway and yissum

Doug Foster

Strategic Advisor

Former CEO of DigiSight/Verana Health and Longitude Capital; senior strategic business advisor to med-tech startups

Kerry Gelb, OD

Strategic Advisor

President of Association of LensCrafters Leaseholding Doctors, an optometry association representing 8000 providers in the US

Dan Bock

Strategic Advisor

Senior business development advisor and serial entrepreneur


BioLight, a leading investment company dedicated to advancing the frontier of eye diseases and ocular treatment, has strategically invested in Peripherex, recognizing and supporting the innovative solutions the company brings to the forefront of glaucoma monitoring.


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